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◆ 型號Type:KHA-100

Type : HP-311 M / M 2.5 / L / L2.5 / VL / VL-2.5 / DL / DL-2.5


◆Oil-Free Air Sander     image description


It can be use in oil free environment. If adding oil to use, it will prolong the life of motor.


A. Body is made of very durable high strength composite can isolate under the low-temperature environment for hand influence.

B. Lower body with low center designed, while operating can be steady with face.

C. Ergonomics designed, with precise regulate and low vibration for long time operation without weary.

D. The bearing is dustproof designing, can effectively lengthen bearing lifespan.

E. Oil free protect work piece surface won’t be oil pollution.

F. Patent in Taiwan, U.S.A., and China.



360oAir Nipple




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HP-311 Series

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■ HP-311M/L

■ HP-311M/L-2.5

Central Vacuum D/a Sander



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■ HP-311VL

■ HP-311VL-2.5

Central Vacuum D/a Sander


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■ HP-311DL

■ HP-311DL-2.5

Dust Free Dual Action Sander



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