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◆ 型號Type:KHA-100

Type : HP-1201VA



Vacuum Cleander for Air Sander



A. Quiet voice, quickly sucking, strong sucking, wide nozzle without block, increasing working efficiency, save time and force.


B. Special security protector guarantees the motor working safely.

The stainless steel tank is rustproof, moisture-proof, light, for wet and dry place using.


C. Professional Industrial vacuum cleaner motor, long life, economize on electricity, plays high-efficiency cleaning function.


D. 7.5” Rear wheels, the large-scale trolley, it is relaxed to move steadily.


E. Enclose the large-scale tool basket.


F. Enclose 5 meters two-in-one dust collecting hose.


G. Authentication by SGS, CE, Greatest safety assurance for the products.    


vacuum Hose & Basket 1 or 2 pcs Should be advise when purchase.



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■ HP-1201VA

Air Sander Vacuum Cleander

W/O Sander, Air Filter, Regulator & Upper Basket




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Available match

HP-1201VA-1B11: 110V / 1 Hose / 1 Basket

HP-1201VA-1B21: 110V / 1 Hose / 2 Basket

HP-1201VA-2B11: 110V / 2 Hose / 1 Basket

HP-1201VA-2B21: 110V / 2 Hose / 2 Basket

HP-1201VA-1B12: 220V / 2 Hose / 1 Basket

HP-1201VA-1B22: 220V / 1 Hose / 2 Basket

HP-1201VA-2B12: 220V / 2 Hose / 1 Basket

HP-1201VA-2B22: 220V / 2 Hose / 2 Basket

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