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◆ 型號Type:KHA-100

型號 : Y121 / Y122 / Y141 / Y142 / Y152




Series Y121, Y122, Y141, Y142, Y152-Zebra Hose Clamp



Welding on the back of Housing


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■ Y121 / Y122

■ Y121 Standard Type

■ Y122 Weld Type

0.6Tx9 Width band

0.7Tx12 Width band


The most pouplar item of all series, with the weld on the back of housing, the maximum sealing can be achieved even with extremely stressed hoses.

It can be applied for transportation, moving machines, agriculture, industries.



■ Y141 / Y142

■ Y141 Standard Type

■ Y142 Weld Type

0.7Tx12 Width band

0.6Tx9 Width band


Y141 can withstand extreme acidity and alkalinity, which are used for dangerous and difficult environment or demanded for high security, such as for top grade mechanical engineering, agricultural machinery.



■ Y152 316 Series

0.6Tx9 Width band

0.7Tx12 Width band

■ Y152 Weld Type

■ Screw Coating Options


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