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◆ 型號Type:KHA-100

Type : H1000 MP / HVLP / BP / WB / P  (Cup : Gravity 600cc / Lateral 400cc)

MP : Middle Pressure

HVLP : High Volume Low Pressure

BP : Polyester, Filler Paint (High Viscosity)

WB : Water Base Paint

PPressure Type (W/Tank & Pump)

Forged Aluminum Alloy

W/360° Air Nipple    

M.O.Q. 500 Sets (For Different Color)

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n           M.P. combines the advantages of H.V.L.P. and conventional spray gun: lower inlet pressure but high work rate.

n           M.P. provides the finest result and still saves material at the same time.

(W.P.) : 29PSI Air Con. : 10.2CFM

n           High transfer efficiency, Reduce overspray and save painting cost.

n           Top quality spraying result makes this spray gun the ideal for manufacturing, building sector, and automotive industry.

(W.P.) : 29PSI Air Con. : 12.5CFM

n           New air cap design for finest atomization.

n           Suitable for polyester, filler or other high viscosity materials.

n           B.P. gun can spray from small spot repairs to large surface.

(W.P.) : 29PSI Air Con. : 8.7CFM

n           Suitable for large-sized goods and vehicles.

n           Low pressure to let air spray for small amount, which is best suitable for repairing.

n           High coherence by saving 20~35% paints, reducing over paint, also improving work efficiency

n           Special paint 4 nozzles design is better for pelletizing, no matter oil or water paints.

n           Large pattern width design can save time for area.


n           The special design of cap make excellent atomization.

n            Each spray gun is under 3kg/cm² strictly outlet paint pressure and atomization testing.

n           Can be used together with Tank & Pump.



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