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◆ 型號Type:KHA-100

Type : DP100


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Wraparound Tube Sander / Polisher



With this versatile finishing machine. One can go from rough surface sanding and deburring all the way to mirror polishing with one tool. The linear rotation makes this tool surfaces. for flat surfaces. It does a job that an angle grinder’s rotary motion can never do. It work wonderfully smoothing, removing scratches and blending. It makes it easy to create surface effects such as matte, satin and brush finishes. Can create swirl-free high-polish and mirror polish finishes. This is also an ideal tool for maintaining and polishing old metal surfaces.


The 1200W motor is equipped with variable full wave feedback electronic speed control for a smooth even finish.


No matter the load, the motor keeps the same even speed.


The inflatable rubber sanding drum has a wide variety of sleeves available. The rubber cushion follows the surface contours of the work piece for an unbeatable finish.


The drive pulley runs inward-facing belts for finishing tube forms. The hock & loop closing straps allow the belts to be opened and closed around closed tube forms. Bulk sanding rolls can be turned into belt.



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